Jennifer has that all-too-rare combination of being smart, level-headed, reliable and practical, which keeps her at the top of my list when I need something done.

- J. Solomon

During my first two weeks working with Jen, I’ve done more on homefront than I have in the past two years.

- J. Ryan

Never could I this year have pulled off a June wedding for our daughter in California, hosted 26 people for five days at Thanksgiving, and managed a home remodel and move into that new home in August without Jen’s help. She hoisted, ordered, researched online, offered feedback on professional copy, is even a competent designer.

She packed/unpacked untold numbers of boxes for our move–and, oh, did I mention that she almost single-handedly pulled off a business reception at our house for 35?–all of this done with a confident “Certainly I can help you with that.”

I’ve relied upon her competence, reliability, perseverance, and inexhaustable energy every week for four years. She’s never let me down. You’d do well–and be lucky indeed–to get her on your team!

- K. Johnston